The poor sewing machine is being neglected between my girls skating at Lake Placid on Friday and knitting I haven’t had a chance to sew. I did finish my socks but still need to take a photo. Here however are my two little skater gals. The youngest got second in her group and my oldest got third in her group. While they didn’t feel they skated the best I’m still as proud as can be. We also explained to them that even Olympians have “bad”days.

Unfortunately the lighting wasn’t very good since we were in the U.S.A rink which has now become the practice rink. The girls were still excited that famous skaters have skated here. After a stressful ride up in a snow storm going 40mph in the dark since my littlest had to be on the ice at 8:20 a 1 1/2 hr drive took 2 1/2hr. I was very glad the sun came out later in the day since my nerves couldn’t take the ride home in that weather too. My girls were also glad to see there friend Callie and her mom Lisa(upstatelisa) and I were able to battle the mommy nerves together. We went away today for a nice family day today and here’s one of the sites we got to see.
Off to sewing tonight but still not sure what project to do. I guess I’m in a little funk.