Wow has today gone by fast already. I’ve already cleaned the house, exercised, and found time to sew. I just finished putting the binding on the front of the Four Seasons Quilt and will hand stitch it to the back later today and hopefully tonight while at quilt guild. Since Jan is still in the shop this little baby did the binding for me. 100_1635.jpg
Of course boy’s being boys my little guy found all these cool tools and attachments to be quite interesting.100_1634.jpg
He even was able to tell me what all the screwdrivers names were. Sadly enough he new more then mom. Yesterday my middle child figured she would surprise all of us and made this great snowman of course she was still at it at 6pm and finished in the nick of time for dinner. We were all summoned after dinner to go out with flashlights to view her masterpiece. So this morning I just had to take this photo.100_1633.jpg
She used part of our snowman kit, and added a carrot and celery, for the nose and mouth. However during the night or early morning someone had moved one of the buttons to make him a HIM. Of course when we all piled out to get in the car for school they all noticed. We quickly fixed him and all was well. Of course they wanted to know who or why someone would do that. In my mind I was thinking because someones an ass but I just replied who know’s why people do things. Poor frosty.