Here’s what I have so far on my first ever attempt at knitting socks. I had my first class yesterday and it was so fun. I learned a new method of casting on (hopefully I can remember when it comes time to do the second sock)  and I also learned how to use four dpn needles at once. I will admit it was kind of scary at first. Next week I won’t be having coffee before class since we will be learning how to turn the heel which is supposed to be quite tricky so I certainly won’t need the extra jitters from the morning coffee. I will probably be “shaky “enough. We also learned how to transfer the sock from the dpn to circular. I’m also hoping to get the four seasons quilt on the frame today and quilt it. I have quilt guild tomorrow night and am hoping to bring it for show n tell but I still haven’t decided how I want to quilt it. The girls have skating lessons soon so I’m planning on drawing something out for the quilting and looking thru some books for inspiration. Of course it also might depend on my mood once I start the quilting. Decisions, Decisions. My poor Jan short for Janome had to go for a check up yesterday since her bobbin was very noisy. I won’t have her back for a week or so and I’m already missing her and it’s only been a day. Thank goodness I have my featherweight and of course my daughter has a machine too. However it’s not the same. Hopefully I won’t be reported for abuse on Jan since she hasn’t been in for a yearly appt in two years. hehe.Poor thing.At least she held out until after the holidays. Hmmm the projects I can think of cutting out while she’s away. The possibilities are endless.