Wow was it cold this morning when I drove the girls to school. The car said it was -3degrees. It has since warmed up and is now 6degrees. Thank goodness for layers and wool sweaters. The sun is shining and there’s not a cloud in the sky. It is a perfect day to stay in where it’s warm and sew. I’ve been making progress on my four seasons swap quilt, here’s what I have so far100_1631.jpg

mittens and snowflakes. I now have to finish sewing them onto the background. It’s hard to tell from the photo but the white fabric used for the snowflakes has a shimmerey look to it like glistening snow very cool looking. I also have finished another water-bottle holder100_1629.jpg100_1630.jpg
This one is going to a special gal who loves pink. I’ve started another one and that one will go in my etsy store when finished. I will post a pic here first. On another note this morning when I finished cleaning I noticed that Skyler found a new place to sleep. I’ve never seen him do this before100_1628.jpg
apparently he thinks he’s aloud to sleep on the shelf of my antique table and collection of antique table cloths. Well he’s right I didn’t have the heart to move him from his sunny spot. I guess I really am a true animal lover.