Well I’ve finally done it. I’ve signed up to take a three part class on how to knit socks. Hopefully I won’t end up with a tangled mess. The class isn’t until next Sat but I can’t wait, hopefully I will have something for show n tell after the first class. I also picked up a pattern today on making a felted water bottle holder. I’ve started working on it but I”m a slow knitter and I pulled out my whole right side of my back and shoulder into my arm. Motrin is sort of helping but not much. I’m thinking I did it taking Andrew up the rope tow, so I’m very glad he’s past that thing now and it’s all chair lifts. Well it’s hot coca time and knitting time. I’m making sure I enjoy Christmas Vacation as well, since it’s almost over and then we will be back to the crazy school schedules. I also know that there are a lot of you who click on my blog so how about some comments I’m starting to feel lonely.hehe.