Well Christmas Vacation has been great so far. After recovering from Christmas day where Santa brought lots of great goodies we are finally in relaxing mode. The day after Christmas was filled with laziness and playing with all the toys. Yesterday we took a nice day trip had a wonderful lunch only to have it start SNOWING and a 1hr and 15min drive home turned into a 2 1/2 hr drive home. It was extremely stressful and seeing cars flipped over on their side and all over the sides of the road certainly didn’t help. We do have four wheel drive so that of course  wasn’t a problem for us but still quiet scary. I was very glad when we walked in the door. To burn off some stress after having a glass of Egg Nog I decided to take down the Christmas decorations and then figured if know one objected the tree. Now my house is back in order except for the toys that I let the kids keep in the living room for awhile which is normally a big no no. Everyone seems happy with the arrangement so I don’t feel guilty. Last year we kept it up thru New Years but after our annual New Years Eve party I swore I would never leave it up again. Between staying up late and of course feeling a little yucky in the morning their was no way I was having to take a tree down New Years Day again. Today we took the kids skiing and they all did wonderful. Andrew is skiing the face of our local mountain and after a few more times should be able to ski all over. The girls of course can’t wait for that but if they stay together we do let them go off a little bit from us. The girls had skating lessons tonight and are really getting their routines down for their competition coming up in January. With all of these activities the sewing machine hasn’t really gotten used but I did start a little on my four seasons swap. I will give a hint it has to do with two items that make me think of winter. One you wear and the other is pretty to watch. Once I get a little further on it I will show a photo. Here are some photo’s of the kids trying out their new snow shoes Santa brought, a great bag and new cutting mat (mine was pretty shot and made everyone nervous I was going to chop my finger off), a very special friend made me the bag of her own design and I just LOVE it, and hubby bought be a new light which I don’t have a pic off but I do have a picture of the other gift he gave me. My very own Serotta ottrott it still has to be built up but that doesn’t take him long to do. I can’t wait to ride it of course my backside might feel different. Hope everyone is having a great week, I’m really enjoying my hubby being home.100_1614.jpg100_1615.jpg100_1617.jpg100_1616.jpg

Oh yea and here’s a picture of Skyler being a bad kitty. While I was waiting for the appetizers to get done in the oven Christmas day, I had my carrying cozy waiting so I could place the dish in it and go, well Skyler had other ideas.100_1612.jpg

I guess he was hoping to go to Grandmas too.