Well my goal was to finish the two teacher bags by Friday well it’s 10:40pm so while I didn’t finish them by Friday I did finish them on Friday. 100_1596.jpg100_1594.jpg

I even finished the matching notetakers, tissue holders, and key chain. Wrapping can wait until tomorrow. The week has been crazy. Wednesday when I pulled up to school to pick up the girls I noticed all the fifth graders were dressed up. Mine was sporting jeans and a t-shirt. Well apparently it was concert day. Oh yea and we had a concert that night to go to. I was never told. Well the stress level started rising quickly especially when we got home and she had nothing appropriate that fit to wear to a Christmas concert. Thankfully my dad came to stay with the two younger ones so I could take the oldest shopping. An hour later and we found a dress, tights, and shoes.  The concert was short and sweet. We had a nice little chit chat how she needs to be a little more on top of it. Thursday we had an eye appt to go to for a contact re-check. They told me it would take 15min so I figured ok the four year old can handle that. An HOUR later we walked out and it was snowing pretty heavy. I was glad when we finally got home and could relax. It was like a winter wonderland.100_1591.jpg100_1592.jpgteamwork at it’s best.

100_1587.jpg the outfit we ended up with. I hope tomorrow will be a little quieter. We do have an adult only Christmas Party to go to so hopefully the nasty snow storm we are supposed to get will hold of until we are home, we really need a night out with out kids. I do have one project I hope to get to probably in the morning. I was planning on making a drawstring bag to keep all my scrap fabric in since the black trash bag is full and looks horrible. However I wasn’t planning on making it this soon but my sweet little boy decided to dump them all for me.100_1597.jpg

and he didn’t just dump he threw too. There’s always more projects to be made.haha