I have a slight Knitting mishap. I made this scarf knitting a row and purling the next but it wants to roll in. HELP Is there any way to fix this? If not is there any way to prevent it next time. 100_1585.jpgIt rolling in.yikes.100_1586.jpgThis is how I want it to lay.(Not happening)

On another note the chocolate lolly’s are now done.100_1583.jpg100_1584.jpg

92 of these little babies are pictured. Enough for all the classmates and some extras for cousins, friends, and of course just to eat. Over all there was over 100 made but my little elves have already snacked on some. I also have noticed there are quiet a few of you reading this so hope you are enjoying. Time for sewing. The teacher bags are going to have to wait since I forgot about the whole shipping time limit and since my brother and family live in Alaska there gifts need to be shipped oh yea and still made. Guys can’t you move closer? You’re killing me here.haha. So unfortunately I can’t show what I’m making them and the girls. HMMMM Tashina you will just have to wait until the S U P truck gets there. That’s U P S for us but my Andrew calls it the sup truck. The other Andrew calls it the pus truck. I will say that there will be some chocolate pops arriving and that’s the only info you will get.