Ok Everyone I’m going to try something new. For anyone who purchases an item from my Etsy shop from now until Dec 15th will receive a complimentary tissue packet and matching key chain. On another note no sewing was done today. It was a pretty crappy day with the girls arguing CONSTANTLY. They even managed to tip a chair over that just so happened to go thru our antique french doors, yea that was not a good thing before school even started. Hubby was off today and fixed it and now that window looks great. Maybe I should have them break the rest so all the windows will look that great.'”just kidding” I then dropped a glass in the dishwasher that of course broke. I swear it literally was one thing after another which included a ripped contact, that she didn’t tell me about until it was to late to go to the dr’s to get the spare set, and trucking the girls to skating only to find out it was canceled. Tomorrow can only be a better day. I did however get the fabric needed to make the last two teachers bags but couldn’t use my Jo Anns coupons because everything was already on sale. The goal is to finish them over the weekend and have them wrapped. We did get some homemade chocolate lollypops made. I think we are up to 50 with still more to make. We use these really cute molds found at AC Moore and give them to all the kids class mates. I think we need 70 total just for the schools and that doesn’t include cousins and friends. Christmas cookies will hopefully be started next week.