100_1568.jpgWell I feel like one of Santa’s elves making gifts constantly. I can say however that I have finished one of the teachers gift and it’s wrapped so one down and two to go.100_1569.jpgWhich of course requires a trip to Jo-Anns since the colors I want to use I don’t have enough of. Looks like I will be heading there tomorrow morning. Tonights project will be two more note takers and matching tissue holders for two teachers aides. One of which I CAN’T STAND, but it is the season to be nice. Made a trip to a local quilt shop today that was having a Holiday Sale and picked some fabric to make a bag for me so watch for a photo of that hopefully in the near future. They were also having a grab bag if you brought in something you got to take something so I walked off with some nice fabric. I had made a note taker, tissue holder, and key fob. I also included the latest quilts and more magazine. I’m still waiting on my bag to come from the Green Swap thru Sketched Soul. I can’t wait to see what it is. I think now I’m going to make a cup of something hot and sit down and read the new Fabric Trends Magazine (yea, picked that up to this morning), since all the kids need to be picked up from school shortly.