Well yesterday we had our first snow day much to my dismay. My three “angels” were being more like “devils” and just about did me in. 100_1563.jpgchild labor

100_1564.jpg everyone looking happy (right before they started arguing)ugh

However after a nice dinner hubby took over with the kids and I was able to get the four aprons that needed to be done for an order today. At 10:35pm last night I finally finished.

100_1566.jpgThankfully today when she picked them up she loved them.PHEW. Not to mention the extra $$$ is very nice around this time of year. I had made a note taker and matching  tissue holder for the girls skating exhibition they had on Sunday and the little girl who got it happens to be the daughter of a good friend which was too funny. 100_1561.jpg100_1562.jpgI also made a note taker in black with matching tissue holder for a client today and she loved it.100_1567.jpg Now my goal for the week is to get some of the teacher bags done I have three to make and the list of homemade items still to be made is very long. I still can’t figure it out Christmas comes the same time every year but I still always find my self in this position.