Well with it being chilly out and having no kids, what better way to make the most of your sewing time than to throw something in the crock-pot and let it cook all day. Not to mention the house smells soo good. Today I have a vegetable soup cooking with some Venison chopped meat in it. I will add the noodles later so they don’t get soggy. Sourdough bread from the local bakery will be a nice addition as well. With that all done, now I have time to sew,sew,sew. Hopefully I will have a lot to show for it by the time I go get the kids at 2:45. Today’s my day for my son to go to his friends house which is a nice full day that allows me to get so much done. Also Abbigayle got contacts yesterday and is doing great. She can’t wear them to school until tomorrow or friday since you have to work up to that amount of time. She is so excited as I am for her. However when I saw the cost I almost choked. She has a stigmatism in both eyes and needs bifocals so with both of those things it makes the contacts more expensive and they need to be special ordered. But what are you going to do she’s my baby and I want her to be happy. I just wish it wasn’t in the same week both the girls needed skates. Since they both are doing jumps now of course they needed more of a “professional” boot and blade. I do love watching them so it’s worth it. Thankfully I have a client coming next week to get her hair done and she special ordered some aprons so that will be a nice “bonus”. Better get sewing if I want to get anything accomplished.