Wow do I have some great friends. Last night at our lovely dinner, after choosing numbers we all received a great handmade item. I got a beautiful angel and tea towel embroidered with a snowman on it from my friend Laura.100_1519.jpg100_1518.jpg

Some party favor’s were also given out and Lisa ( this adorable coffee cup coaster (which is already by my sewing table)100_1520.jpg

and this cute little santa ornament 100_1521.jpgwas made by Laura and is now hanging on the cute tree my parents dropped off for the kids to enjoy downstairs in our family room. This way we can enjoy the lights a little longer since hubby insists on getting a real tree about a week before Christmas.That tree goes in our living room and I’ve always wanted to have one downstairs.100_1522.jpg

Also my friend Sue went home with the gift I made and is planning on hanging the calendars in her sewing room. It was a great evening,with great friends and food. I found another type of Martini I love and that’s the Espresso Martini are we seeing a chocolate theme yet?hehe I’m so glad the holidays are starting off nicely. Now I just have to get some more sewing done so I can keep on schedule. Next on the list is the bag for my “green swap”