Ok so I’m going to take a chance that none of the girls from my sewing group will see this today so here’s what my gift for tonight will be. I guess we’re going to draw numbers over a nice dinner out and each of us will walk away with a great homemade item. I can’t wait to see all the other “gifts”, everyone is so talented and creative. I had so many ideas of what I wanted to do and finally settled on this.


I really hope whoever gets these enjoys them as much as I did making them. The calendar was so fun to make and of course now they can take notes in style. I just love the “coffee” fabric, and then who doesn’t like fat q’s. Well with everything homemade except the fat quarters I figured I would try to make a card and was happy with the results. I hope know one peeked. Stay tuned tomorrow for my what I get. I can’t wait. Oh and I almost forgot I added some new items to my etsy shop so please have a look.