Wow the amount you can done when you don’t need to get kids to and from school is crazy. I managed to finish my gift for my Sunday night group and wrapped it, pictures will be posted sometime on Sunday. I also made four “styling note takers” and four matching tissue holders. These are going to be gifts for the two office ladies, principal, and nurse at the girls elementary school. Phew four gifts down.¬† Hopefully tomorrow I can get some more gifts made. However I have to make a trip to buy the girls new Ice Skates since their coach tonight said they need some more support. On that note I also see a “skating” quilt being made in the near future because as I sat there and watched I froze my you know what off. I’m thinking of something fun that the girls will like to warm up under too and I had bought this great skating fabric last year, so stay tuned for that. Here are the pics of the gifts I made today and of the card I made for my Sunday nights gift, I guess it won’t hurt if they see that.