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As you can see this morning was pretty cold and yucky out. It started with snow and then freezing rain. Getting the kids to school was a little slick since for some reasons the plows weren’t out until mid-morning. However in April when you don’t really need them there out can’t quite figure that logic but at least now the roads are a little better. To add to a dreary day Alyssa once again stayed home from school because the rash is now on her face. Another trip to the dr is scheduled for this afternoon, plus the lovely steroid meds they put her on is making her mood nasty. Handling her with “kid” gloves is needed but my patience is quickly slipping. On a brighter note the mail arrived bringing me these little goodies100_1497.jpg100_1498.jpg The new Elm Creek book which came at a perfect time since I just finished When The Heart Cry’s last night. That was a great book taking place in the Pennsylvania Amish Country so worth reading especially if you like anything to do with the Amish. The bundle of fat q’s I receive once a month from a local quilt shop always are a nice surprise. These fabrics have Ice Skaters, and mittens on them now I just have to think of what to use them on. Any suggestions?  Im finally at the layering and quilting stage of my gift for my friendship group so it should be done in plenty of time. I can’t wait to post some photos once it’s done.