Here is a quick way to make a bag for that last minute gift or just a quick project. Buy a canvas tote usually sold in groups of 4’s at Jo-Anns or other craft type stores. Then measure the bag and add about 1/2″ measurement to all sides and that’s what you will cut your fabric too. Then sew seams rst with 1/4″ seam allowance leaving an opening at the the top and place over canvas tote fold top of fabric under about 1/4″  and sew closed. The right side of the canvas bag should be your “lining” and the handles are perfect too. My nephew loved his. The backpack for the party my daughter went to was also a big hit. On another note my middle daughter the one who had the tick bite woke up this morning with a rash that seemed to spread as I watched, So a trip to the dr was needed. After getting the oldest to school (late) and then the youngest to preschool we went to see what she had. Thankfully they don’t think it’s related to lyme disease, they do think she’s having a reaction to a spot of posion Ivy she kept scratching at on her ankle. That never spread but looks infected and the dr felt it was now coming out on the rest of her in a rash.  She’s now on steroids and benadryl which I’m sure will make for some pleasant mood swings hers and of course then mine.hehe. Not the way to start the week. After the dr’s I had to quick take her to my mom’s so I could be back at preschool for a thanksgiving feast.  I am so ready for things to settle down. Morning’s like this can just make you crazy. I am planning on sewing more on my gift for this sundays quilt dinner so look for pics on sunday night or monday. 100_1483.jpg100_1485.jpg100_1484.jpg100_1492.jpg100_1493.jpgthis is what her back and side’s look like. Unfortunately it’s now spreading to her face. Hopefully she can go back to school tomorrow.