Well today is the 17th but still haven’t figured out how to fix that.100_1480.jpg100_1480.jpg100_1481.jpg100_1478.jpg100_1478.jpg100_1478.jpg1478.jpg_1478.jpg100_1460.jpg Ok here are the pics of the backpack I made for a birthday party my daughter was attending. The great fleece my hubby brought me back form his hunting trip(I usually get squat), The beautiful flowers Aunt S gave me they just make my dining room table so cheery thanks again, and the sunset hubby watched while hunting one night. I figured the deer pics might scare a few of you. So glad he’s finally home I feel normal again. Hoping to get some sewing done today I think my gift for my friendship group may be more time consuming than I thought. I was once called an overachiever by D and thanks I think this gift may just prove that.lol. I also still need to finish the bag for my nephews birthday tomorrow so better get sewing.