Since I’ve been in such withdrawl of posting pics I went in search of our OLD camera and took some using that. However I couldn’t download it onto the computer because we no longer have that type of disc drive so I had to pack two four year old boys into the car and go have a disc made. Of course Targets machine wasn’t working so I bribed the boys with a lolly pop and we went to the local camera shop where they did for me in a manner of minutes. Phew. I even was able to take the pictures outside which was a good thing because now it’s overcast and looking like rain. The pictures are of my latest purchases, the wall-hanging I just made (binding is still being sewn on) and the notebook cover I made. There’s also a few goody bags for my quilting “sisters”hmmmm girls I wonder what could be inside. Today I must work on my gift for my friendship group and hopefully make the back-pack for the upcoming b-day party. I also need to make one in camo for my nephew’s birthday. Counting the days until hubby returns I’m really starting to miss him and MY Aunt S see you tomorrow morning for your morning of “beauty” and much loved chit chat I can’t wait.pic00043.jpgpic00045.jpgpic00046.jpgpic00047.jpgpic00048.jpgpic00049.jpgpic00050.jpgpic00052.jpgpic00053.jpgpic00055.jpgpic00056.jpgsorry if they’re a little blurry but it’s the camera. I also had to include my first two “babies”!!If you click on the pictures you can see them clearer.