Well today was pretty tame since all the kids went back to school. I was able to get all of my party favors made and wrapped for my quilting group. Sorry I can’t say what they are since they read this, however I will give a little hint they are something that will come in handy during the winter. I finally figured out what my homemade gift is going to be and will post pictures after it’s received but it’s something that they could use daily. I’m hoping to get most of the binding done on the wall quilt I made the other day, either tonight or tomorrow. With hubby being gone I’m feeling quite tired. Especially since I got up at 6am and did the elliptical and balance ball. It felt good to do it again since I had taken a month off which I’m sure my body will make me pay for. Tomorrow’s work-out will be 45min on the balance ball, it’s such a great full body workout. The kids are really starting to miss daddy and we only have a few days left so I’m hoping everyone can hang in there  a little longer. My parents were nice enough to take us to Olive Garden for dinner where we saw some friends, and the kids were pretty good. I had a great drink, if you love chocolate you must try it, it was a chocolate martini made with vodka since gin is just gross. However once a Mom always a Mom, mine told me as I was ordering YOU DON”T WANT THAT YOU WON”T LIKE IT. Well talk about feeling like I was 5yrs old and not amused I said yes mom I do like martini’s if made with vodka.  I also managed to drink all of it and loved every minute of it. Of course since I didn’t eat lunch I felt every bit of it to but I wasn’t driving so it was all good. Luckily my mother and I have a VERY close relationship so I didn’t take it to personal. I promise once the camera returns I will have a bunch of pictures to post.  My middle daughter just got invited to a birthday party this Saturday so it looks like I will be making a backpack for her and I will embroider her name on it too. One more item to add to my to do list this week. I also sold a hat and scarve today to a mom at school who bought them for a friend of hers who will be going thru chemo so I am very happy that something I have made will hopefully make someone feel good during a not so great time in her life. It’s just another way our craft reaches out to people. I bought a new blouse pattern today so hopefully that one will work out better when I get a chance to make it.