Well the taking cover wall hanging pattern I got yesterday is already sewed into a top. Hoping to get it quilted tomorrow. While I was appliqueing ,my 10yr old daughter and friend came in with one of the neighborhood boys and he thought it was so cool what I was making. Apparently they were making a flag for his fort and Abbey said well let’s go to my house and I will sew you one. So she took them to her sewing area and I could here the boy saying wow you know how to do that can you teach me? Well you can imagine my daughters face since of course she thinks this boy is FABULOUS so she gave him sewing lessons and her best friend was telling him the rules on what fabric they can use of mine and what “tools”. To cute. They made there flag and took off to hang it in the fort. Of course I send the 7yr old with them so I always know what’s going on. They thankfully all are in bed now, can’t wait for hubby to get home since now cleaning up dinner is falling on my shoulders ugh. That’s usually his job. I’m thinking of treating the three little pumpkins to breakfast tomorrow but we will see if the girls can actually get up without fighting. If so that’s one meal I don’t have to cook or clean.YEA. I have to start thinking of what gift I want to make for my Sunday night quilting group we have agreed to make something handmade but I just can’t narrow it down and I only have two weeks. They’re all like the sisters I never had so I want to make something special. Tomorrows to do list is hopefully catch up on laundry,yes mom I was it everyday it just doesn’t always get put away. Quilt the wall-hanging, sew a scarf for a mom at preschool which I have to give her tuesday, and make some christmas gifts. Check back tomorrow to see what I actually get accomplished. Also check out my good friends blog upstatelisa she has some great pictures.