Ok do all simplicity patterns suck? I was trying to make what I thought would be an easy blouse, especially since the pattern said easy. YEA RIGHT. After hrs of work and much cursing I give up. All I wanted was a simple blouse in nice fabric well I guess I need to go re-visit the pattern section in Jo-Anns. This one may be saved but will need a lot of help from the mother n law. I don’t think I screwed up to bad that she can’t fix it but how frustrating when something says easy and it’s far from it. I have sewed other garments including the nice Robe from Amy Butlers In Stitches book so I sort of know what I’m doing. Does anyone know of a pattern that IS easy for making a nice blouse. I love the one in Amy Butlers book midwest modern that she called the Liverpool Dress and was trying to find something similar. Back to the drawing board. I think I will stick with quilts and handbags for awhile till I’m not so frustrated. Man I hate wasting time on something that doesn’t work out. I won’t make that mistake tomorrow.