100_0874.jpg100_0874.jpgHere’s one of my “bunkmates” What a bummer the camera went on the hunting trip so photos will probably be sparse for a couple of days. I have taking the blouse pattern out and even started cutting the pattern pieces out, at least it’s progress. There’s a great swap that Sketched Soul is doing and can be found at swapdex. It’s called the Green Swap and is the first one I’ve ever done. I can’t wait to get my partner next week and it’s still not to late to sign up. I think it’s going to be fun. I now have to start thinking of making all of those teachers gifts. Does anyone have any ideas for a male teacher? I may just go with the starbucks mug you can add pictures too and a gift card if I can’t think of anything else. The female teachers are easy they will get a handbag and small goodie. Now that I have a fifth grader they all look forward to having my kids in there class since they know they are probably going to get some sort of bag for the holidays. It is nice to see the teachers my oldest had in preschool or kindergarten still using there bags. What a great feeling. Now I just have to figure out which style to make.