Well Hubby has left the country for his annual hunting trip. So now if all the kiddies can behave we will be all set. I had all three conferences today and those went great. I did however return home to get at call from the pediatrician that the tick was a deer tick carrying lyme disease. So now we really have to watch for ANY symptoms and not assume that it could just be a cold. Hopefully she won’t get it but better to be overly cautious.  Hubby and I were able to have a nice morning together before he left and we picked up the kids. We went and had a nice quiet time at Starbucks. I curse the first time I ever tried a mocha because now I”M ADDICTED. I do get the non-fat version so I don’t feel toooo guilty. I have some great sewing projects I would like to get to while hubby’s away and that will help the nights go faster but we’ll see how much I get accomplished. Sometimes I’m just to tired with three kids, two dogs, and a cat to do anything else but read or curl up on the couch and watch tv while I knit. My mom was nice enough to make homemade mac and cheese which my oldest just loves so that’s one meal down. YEA. Here are some pics of Skyler trying to stow away and go hunting. I also was able to get the hats done last night and a head scarf. I would really like to make a blouse this week but not so sure if I’m brave enough I have at least put it out and opened it so maybe just maybe I can figure it out. May have to call the MIL on that though. Plus the FIL went hunting too so she may want some company too. The first few days are usually great but sometimes it gets old. Unfortunately the kids have a half day friday and then no school monday UGH. That’s not supposed to happen when I’m playing sole parent. Hopefully the weather will be nice so they can play outside with their friends. If not I will have to get creative.100_14451.jpg100_14461.jpg100_14471.jpgIf you look close you can see skyler smiling in the last picture. I swear he really does smile.