Wow It’s amazing what you can get done when you don’t have to rush to pick up kids. Another Mom and I switch off every other week picking up each others sons and bringing them home for a playdate. This allows the Mom who’s without children to have from 8:50am until 2:40pm time to do whatever. So far I’ve done laundry,cleaned the house, and sewed on a binding for a quilt. Last night I was able to see Jan Mullen at our guild and she was a wonderful friendly person. I was able to walk away with a signed book and some great ideas. However when I returned home after 10:30 exhausted and wanting to go to bed our 12yr old weimaraner who had gotten into some candy on Saturday started getting sick. It was wrappers upon wrappers. He still hasn’t learned that a sweet tooth is bad for dogs, but he’s doing fine this morning even though I’m tired. Starbucks was able to help a little. I have been also playing with some fabric this morning to make some hats a mom at preschool has ordered so hopefully I will be able to get at least one done before I have to go pick up the kids from school( we don’t have busing), and maybe even read a little I started this series by Kyra Davis which is kind of a mystery but funny as well the first in the series is called Sex, Murder and a Double Latte so of course it caught my eye while at Barnes & Nobles. Here are some pictures of a door banner I just finished I’m trying to do one a month and this month was only 5 days late (not bad), I also did the cocktail quilt pattern with my friendship group and it’s a pat sloan pattern that can be found for free on her site. The hats I’m going to be making are like the one that I’m wearing in the picture when I got 100_1438.jpg100_1441.jpg100_1443.jpg100_1335.jpg100_1444.jpgto meet Kaffee Fassett last month at one of my guilds.